Horse accomodation

What do you want for your horse?
Peace and balance in the herds is very important to me.
Also that each horse has and takes its place.
Newcomers are integrated slowly so that the stress of moving is kept to a minimum. If necessary, horses are also individually cared for, fed and moved. The herds are separated by sex. Individual paddocks with open stalls and emergency stalls are also available. Even in the worst weather, the paddocks can be accessed with normal footwear without sinking into the mud. The horses are fed at the same time and there are enough feeding places available so that it is stress-free for all horses. Very high quality roughage is fed in such large quantities that the horses themselves take breaks from eating because they are full and the grace periods are short.

I have been feeding my horses myself since I was 13 years old. I have supplemented my practical knowledge with the training as a master of horse management. In the summer, the horses are only out in the pasture for hours at a time and are fed in the evenings, so that even horses with laminitis, for example, are well cared for. The high quality of the feed provides relief for horses with respiratory problems, as well as for summer eczema sufferers, who are also helped by the constant wind and thus low insect flight on the farm. I am also happy to take care of your old horse if you want to keep it well and it needs supplementary feed.

In the meantime, during my work as a trainer on other farms, I was also able to gain experience as a boarder myself, so I know both sides – that of the boarder and that of the boardee.

My knowledge and commitment in horse keeping convinced the Canadian National Team in 2015 to place the first horse ever exported from Canada to the World Championships (Blika frá Fitjamyri) with me and, contrary to the original plan, to have it looked after by me again before the return trip to Canada. Thank you for the trust!