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The dignity of the horse is inviolable.

It is the uniqueness of each horse that captivates me to this day. The soul behind the eyes and the possibility of change and development in man and animal – if it happens together. To be able to let it happen together, to let it develop.
Discovering new possibilities, always learning something new, even as a rider/trainer, fascinates me. Some jump into my hands and step on my feet, with others the key has to be hand-forged and used very gently, so that it doesn’t touch. Still others want to be lured, seduced or read your every wish from your eyes and body right from the start. It never stops and every day is different – always new.

My strength lies in problem horse training. Especially with very dominant, overreactive, very sensitive horses (typical statements of the owners are e.g.: “he only bucks and goes through the motions”, “he won’t let you catch him”, “she has already been broken in by two trainer A and it didn’t work”, “he parks as soon as you want something from him, there’s nothing you can do”, “others have already tried to tolt him”).

You would like to have your horse professionally broken in?
I will gladly take care of that.

You want it to run in the sport and be built up, trained and presented accordingly?
I can do that.

You are looking for someone to correct unevenness or to search and find gaits (oiling in, rideability problems, etc.)?
I can do that.

You want your horse to be prepared for a breeding test?
That is also possible.


Edita MK, above on the photo she was two and a half weeks under saddle. She had already been “broken in” by other trainers known to the fair and declared unrideable. She came to me after the “lapping” had not brought any progress even after three and a half weeks! At that time nobody had the idea to change the way. In the beginning, she really could only be haltered with her own halter. If I tried with another halter, she ran away. Really! She was the diva personified and never completely stopped this behavior throughout her life. Thanks to the Free line collection by Honza Blaha, her behavior changed so much that she trusted me completely and I only rode her with a knotted halter. When the riding group got spooked and started running, she looked half backwards at me. If I stayed calm, she stayed with me, no matter what was happening around (giant tractors, low-flying model helicopters, motorcycles howling, dogs running free, etc.).

Ljóski frá Daeli, my first own horse, wouldn’t let me tie him up for the first two years after the previous owner had tied him to the downspout of a rain gutter, which he tore loose and ran away with. He bolted, bucked and could only be tolled tolerably. For the first three months he would not let me catch him. He taught me a lot. Especially creativity in finding solutions and mindfulness with the horse.

Kári vom Burstah was highly reactive when I was breaking him in, and there were a few moments when I wasn’t sure I’d get off the horse alive, even though he was running along as a hand horse while I sat on him. He taught me to pay attention to my breathing and to make a real connection. Later we were very successful in sports.